What to Expect

When You Call Us
When you call The Book Rescue to inquire about where to donate books in Las Vegas, you will be reaching one of our team member’s personal phones. The team member will ask you such question as – Where are you located? How many books do you have? We will strive for a time that is good for you and the team member. At this time please provide helpful instructions as to how to visit your physical location… sometimes there are small barriers including gates, entrances, and construction. If we don’t answer right away it more than likely means we are driving or assisting. Please leave a message or expect a prompt call back.

During Free Pickup
At this point the Book Rescue pickup team member will have your phone number. The person picking up your books will generally call or text your announcing they are arriving. The Book Rescue member will have extra boxes in their vehicle just in case there is a need. At time of the pickup, you are the boss as always. Please instruct the Book Rescue member how you’d like them to receive your items.

Or During Your Drop Off
We currently are not using a drop off location, we perform pickups only.  However, those residing out of the City of Las Vegas may mail books to 5917 Galway Bay St.; North Las Vegas, NV 89081.