Free Book Pick up Service: Las Vegas Book Rescue

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Books are offered to:

  1. Local Schools
  2. Charitable Organizations
  3. Libraries
  4. Other

Free Book Pickup tel:7026893791

For a free book pickup please have 50 books or more.  Are you wondering where to donate books in Las Vegas?  Even with a free pickup service?  We will drive to your location to pickup the books, saving you time and money.  About 95% of all books will be offered to the public, about 5% will be recycled because of condition.  All books will be examined. We have a small group of dedicated helpers so we try to schedule pickup that will work for you and work for us.  If there is already a pick up scheduled near you, we will aim to have your pick up scheduled around the same time / day.

What We Do Pick Up

Books (non-fiction and fiction), dvds, old computer software, school / office supplies, other media.

What We Don’t Pickup
We cannot pickup magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, vhs tapes, and large items such as refrigerators, furniture, tvs, or anything hazardous.

Or Drop Them Off

Drop-off NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME Covid-19. 3256 Epson St. Las Vegas, NV 89129

Our Vision

LVBR’s strives to get the right books into the hands of people who want them. Many times great books get discarded into landfills after you donate them, we are here to save those books. Please take advantage our services to make it more possible to find the right person on the other end of your donation.

What we offer:  where to donate books las vegas

-Free book pickup of 50 books or more
-Piece of mind, your books will find a good home
-Courtesy and thanks

Why Do People and Organizations Call LVBR?

-They aren’t able to dispose of excess books in a suitable manner.
-It’s hard to find the proper next owner.
-They don’t have enough space to store books.
-Their donations are exceeding expectations.
-They just had a book sale and need a pickup.
-It’s spring cleaning time.
-Books are heavy and difficult to move, and they just need a little help.
-Dumpsters and recycling options are becoming limited.

How is Las Vegas Book Rescue Funded?

​In order to allow our service to remain free LVBR may sell 0% to 10% of each pickup.

Anymore Questions where to donate books in Las Vegas?

​If you’re interested in any of these services, please call us at 702.689.3791.