About LVBR

Las Vegas Book Rescue (LVBR) delivers a vast majority of donated books to non-profit organizations. We maintain in contact with these non-profits in order to ensure the book’s best chance of being offered to the public, rather than being discarded. In some circumstances, donated books are properly recycled by LVBR if the books are in acceptable or less than acceptable condition or if there is very little to no demand for the book(s). To support our cause, LVBR remains a for-profit group, with our largest endeavor being to save books.

2 Ways to Donate Books

  1. Calling 702.689.3791 and arranging a free book pickup.   Our members are always able, willing, and happy to assist.  This option is great for those who have a busy schedule.
  2. If you do not have a great place to donate your books where you reside or, you don’t like your options there you can donate books through the mail.  We love seeing books from different places!
  3. We do not have a drop-off location at this time.